Mirror 4Sides support

This page is support page for iOS App Mirror 4 Sides.

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How to Use

On the home screen at startup, you can use it as a mirror as it is by keeping the switch switch on the face-to-face side.
Tap the camera button to start timer shooting (4 pictures). (If you are making a face-to-face camera start timer right after, if you are selecting back camera, timer shooting will start from 5 seconds later.)

Timer shooting will take 4 photos at intervals of about 2 seconds. Since the flash at the time of shooting is in the auto mode, it shines according to the surrounding brightness. The screen shines with the face-to-face camera.(The screen flash function for face-to-face shooting is only iPhone SE, iPhone 6s or later models only) Keep an appropriate distance and shoot.
When shooting is completed, the picture will be displayed.
Depending on the state of the “Side” switch on the home screen, one of two types of screen is displayed.
Switch state: “1”
Screen that shows only one picture
You can enlarge the displayed picture with a pinch gesture.
Swipe the display picture. The images are switched in the order in which they were taken.
Switch status: “4”
Only when shooting images in the order of the four pictures at the same time like a three-sided mirror (1st: front, 2nd: right side, 3rd: back side, 4th left side only) Both sides of the main display The picture is inverted mirror image and displayed.)
Only the largest main picture can be expanded with pinch gesture.
Swipe this screen to change the display position of the photo.
By pushing “Share” button, it is possible to send an e-mail or post to SNS, attaching the image which merged 4 sheets. (This function is not available in the case of a screen on which only one picture is displayed.)
When you press the home button on the upper left, it returns to the initial screen and shooting starts again.
Pictures displayed when returning to the home screen (initial screen) are cleared and not saved. However, if the save switch is set to [Y], it is saved in the photo album.




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